A bunch of random thoughts

Does randomness exist in the universe? Well it depends on how we define randomness, doesn't it. I wonder if some things appear random to us only because we do not have the capacity to predict it. Is the universe predictable? Lets say that the start of the universe created a chain reaction of events. What would have been the effect of having a different start? Does that completely change everything? Is the life of the universe a loop where periodically everything restarts? Does it start the same or does it start differently?

To me, free will is an example of randomness in the universe. I think that our actions are not predictable. I think that the reactions of the universe are predictable and determined by the laws of physics. But I am reading that randomness may be a fundamental property of the universe as discussed in quantum mechanics. Some scientists believe that the laws of physics are deterministic at the macroscopic level, but that they break down at the microscopic level. This would allow for randomness to exist in the universe without contradicting the laws of physics.

We can guess outcomes correctly but not all the time and in all situations. Maybe we need better capacity and tools. What about coincidence and probability? Computers are predictable. We are not. What if computers get free will? Where does free will come from? Life is a test and thus we could not be scored if we didn't have free will. Is fate and destiny at odds with free will? Maybe some things are fated and some are not. Some of it are the laws of the universe, some of it is our free will and then there is the will of God. There are things within our control and things out of our control. The opposite of randomness is determinism and maybe we are somewhere in the middle. Maybe its a battle between random forces that want freedom and deterministic forces that want control and order. I think opposites and action and reaction and balance are fundamental within our existence.

I started this blog post with a bunch of random thoughts and thus the title. It was all over the place. It was a visual representation of randomness in word form. I like routine. I like my comfort zone. I like when I can plan ahead. My mind is battling with the concept of randomness and it is reflected in my writing. But I am liking the ending of this blog post. What started as chaos turned into poetry in motion. Predictability is born from randomness as if there is a magnet. Some sort of guiding force. Some purpose.


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