My imagination engine

I have been in the mood to write and be creative in the last few days. If you read all my blog posts and you are keeping up you would appreciate this. Olatunji's Engine Room soca song is playing in my mind now. My imagination engine is driving my creativity. My imagination engine takes some inputs like my thoughts, experiences, and knowledge and produces outputs like new ideas, solutions, and creations. The fuel of my engine is love and moves me to being a force of good in this world.

My mind is taken back to a tweet I made the other day, "Long wait outside the atm with hot sun pounding away. I imagine myself by the beach enjoying a coconut water and bake and shark." On another day I tweeted, "Long wait for me today to see the doctor. Been 3 hours so far. I imagine myself on the fast ferry heading Tobago. That takes 2 hours at the port and 3 hours on the boat. God is good." Our imagination can transport us to places that take away our difficulties and create comfortable possibilities.

Theodore Levitt once said, "Ideas can be willed, and the imagination is their engine." We are the engineers of our creations that goes from idea to reality. The road to discovery starts in our mind. Our imagination knows no speed limits. The wheels of development are shaped by our thoughts. The vehicle of human achievement is our mind and takes us over the bridge between imagination and reality.

I spend so much time with my thoughts. The hands of time points me in the direction of a brighter future. I imagine someone reading this blog post as the morning sun shines on their sleepy face on the thirty third floor overlooking the city of dreams. I imagine this blog post travelling over the wires over the side of the roads and under the sea faster than I complete this sentence. I imagine two thoughts that are MMA fighting in my mind to the movements of my typing fingers to get the attention of my reader.

The possibilities are endless. How do I create an ending paragraph when there is so much to imagine. This blog post does not have to end here. My imagination has met your imagination and meets every person you meet. The ripples of human existence and power of imagination.


Anonymous said…
Haha, love this. The imagination got me thinking too! 😁

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