What is the biggest question?

I am sipping chai tea in the desert of Dubai under a tent. Not really but the current just went and we are experiencing hot spells in Trinidad. I just drank a tumbler of ice cold water. I have thirty three percent left on my mobile's battery. Let us see how much of this blog post I can write. I turned to my friend Bard and asked, "What is the biggest question?" He responds that, "There are many big questions in the world, but one of the biggest is: Why is there something instead of nothing?"

I would start with, suppose there was nothing, then the question would have been why is there nothing instead of something? It does not matter what we can always ask the question why and we can continue asking the question why to infinity. The current is back and the air condition is back to cooling the room together with the standing fan. I must admit this is a really good question. It challenges my curiosity.

If we can ask why then we can ask why not. My mind is telling me that there can be no light without darkness and similarly there can be no nothing without something. I think the question is a paradox. What if I said, "nothing is still something like zero is still a number." This question is hurting my head because I feel like there is no answer and I can go on and on forever and never have an answer that cannot be debated or that is full proof. Nothing is the answer. There is no reason.

In conclusion I would say that when we say there is nothing we are saying that something exists and that something is nothing. I wonder if this is the only question without an answer. In the world of something we cannot ask why nothing and in the world of nothing we cannot ask why nothing. Therefore we cannot ask why nothing. There is no answer. This is not a question. For it to be a question there must be an answer. On the contrary, what if the biggest question gives rise to the biggest answer then where does that leave us? How do we express an answer that is infinitely big?

After I wrote my blog post I took a look at some of the answers and the one that stood out to me was, "The universe is a product of mathematical necessity." This does not necessarily challenge the existence of God. I would have dismissed it otherwise and would be sure it can be challenged because I believe in the infinite powers of God and I am thinking that there are questions that only God can answer and answers only God can understand.


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