This is a chapter from my third book called Love letters

Art has no rules. Art is freedom. Art is imagination. Art comes from the heart. Art is for dreamy eyes that dream to see the world in beautiful shades. If art could talk it would sing the praises of its creator. Art can be the start of great things. In school I was not good at art. I wanted my paintings to be like the paintings of other students, who were better at art than me, instead of finding and embracing my own style. Over the years I have fine tuned my philosophy and art. My art is simple and minimalist. My art revolves around love for life. If you start from the letter l in revolve and go left you get love. Art has been a revolution of my purpose that has left me fulfilled. Art has given me direction.

There was a time I would collect junk from the road when I would go walking and make art out of it. I wish I had done this more. I wish to return to this form of art. One man's trash is another man's treasure. The word trash has the word art in it if we look from right to left. Same for the word treasure. We can contribute to saving the world by upcycling and recycling. Trash art emerged in the early twentieth century alongside other avant-garde movements. According to my friend Bard, common themes explored in trash art include consumerism, waste reduction, environmentalism, and social commentary. We are better for seeing beauty where others look away. We can face our problems head on.

I love art with a good message. Like my art piece called "Some love" where the message is to take some love and share some love. Show some love. The word some is decorated with hearts. I find it artsy that both some and love are both four letter words that have the same vowel letters in the same place. So does the word hope. Once there is some love there is hope. Hope for a better world. Hope that things will get better. Is it any wonder that the word heart has art in it. If I take the phrase "art in Hassan" and squish it with some love, I get artisan. I am an artisan. I depart this chapter with what Robert Henri has told us that, "Art is love made visible."


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