This is a chapter from my third book called Love letters

This is the last chapter of this book. It took me almost two weeks to complete this book. I am at peace with what I have written. This has been a learning affair. This has been a love affair. If love is the meaning of life, then peace is the language which is made up of love letters.

I found out about the Letters of Peace project and it touched my heart. My friend Bard tells me that the project is a non-profit that fosters constructive dialogue and promotes peace-building through creative writing workshops. Raffi Wartanian is a writer and educator who wants to bridge the divides between communities affected by conflict. So he founded this project in twenty seventeen. Young people from opposing sides of conflicts write and exchange letters expressing their hopes, fears, and dreams for a peaceful future.

This is the power of words and the power of writing. When I started writing this book I had no idea how it would turn out or what the last chapter would be. When I realized that I had thirty seven chapters, and in my first book I wrote a chapter called "Art Peace" that had art that I created that had 37 peace words in it, I knew I had to end this book with this chapter. We all want peace. We all need peace. I love peace. When I think about love letters, I love what Helen Keller says, "Love letters are peace treaties written in the language of the heart."


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