Trying again

I am no stranger to losing weight and eating healthy and getting fit. I have done it several times but some how I lose myself and have to start again. But I keep trying and I am not giving up. One of the best pieces of advice I heard recently was to focus on the next pound. Losing just one pound is easy. You are not losing thirty pounds, you are losing one pound, thirty times. It has been forteen days and I have lost three pounds. I have been eating three simple meals a day. No drinks, only water. And no snacks. Everyday I am doing chores around the house that count as my exercise. My sleep has been spotty and getting better and I am getting good naps in the day. One of the major benefits of eating healthier and exercising is that I feel good. I like doing this kind of thing. I like challenging myself. I like working on myself. I like making myself better.

I came across a few persons on tik tok who lost weight and their stories inspire me. Always think that your story and journey will inspire others. Exercise and diet is really good for someone living with mental illness. I am glad that I got a head start and did not wait for the new year to start. I like the idea of a holistic approach to wellbeing and living. I think of my mind, body and spirit. I have a bunch of hobbies that keeps me youthful. I pray everyday and I think about God often. I live a minimalist and simple life. I would like to find a multivitamins that does not make me constipated. I found that probiotics work really well for me. I am also looking for an electrolyte hydration tablet like Nuun. I used to take Nuun long ago after my long walks. Those worked really well.

The hardest part sometimes is just starting and I have managed to do that. I set myself some goals and I have formulated a plan and I got going. The next hardest thing to do would be to remain consistent. Then once I have lost the weight, I need to keep it off. I must not get distracted or complacent or lose interest. I must keep focused and make the necessary sacrifices. I track my calories and weight daily. I have made it easier by setting realistic goals. Jillian Michaels has told us that, "It's not about perfect. It's about effort. And when you bring effort to your life, everything starts to change." It was just a random time of reflection when I decided that I wanted to get fit and strong. I recognised that I needed to make some changes and I understood that I needed to make the effort.


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