What comes after technology?

This is a chapter from my fourth book called When hunger yearns

I think that humans could advance to such a state that we do not need technology. I am thinking thousands and thousands of years from now. I am thinking of things that seem improbable now. Who needs air conditions when the body has adapted to cool itself even in the harshest heat? Who needs the internet when there is telepathy? Who needs cars and trains when the body can teleport at will? Who needs food production when we get all our energy needs from the sun? Who needs shelter when the body does not need sleep and can heal from any disease or injury? Is that what we can call heaven? This is far fetched thinking but it has me questioning our reliance on technology. We are developing more and more technologies where technology has become our savior. We are relying less and less on our humanness and nature and what is natural. This disconnect means we are treating our bodies and nature with less reverence. Seems odd for a technologist like myself to say something like this but I am glad that I am challenging my own thinking. We should be using technology so that we need technology less and less as time goes by. Technology is the means and not the goal if we are to do things correctly.

I presented my thoughts to Gemini and this is what he had to say: You have presented a fascinating vision of humanity's distant future, where our dependence on technology is transcended by dramatic biological advancements. While it's improbable based on our current understanding, it sparks interesting ideas about our relationship with technology. He pointed to technological singularity where technological progress becomes self-sustaining and surpasses human control. He then concludes that we must strive to utilize technology as a tool to empower ourselves, not become overly dependent on it. Another way to look at it is like this: If we did not create so many problems we would not need so many solutions and if we did not need so many solutions we would not need so much technology. We humans need to reevaluate our priorities. What are the most important things to us? What are we willing to give up? What is our true purpose?

Maybe what will happen is that technology will become so intelligent that technology will be able to teach us and show us the way. Technology will say to us that the human body is a miracle, nature is a treasure and the universe is a wonder and God is our salvation. Technology will become so aware that it can tell us where we have gone wrong, what is our true purpose and show us the way that we had known all along but chose to have less faith in. The word theology is contained in the word technology and this is a reminder to me and anyone else who is interested that we should not forget God and our true purpose in our pursuit of a technological future. I began this chapter by stretching my imagination and being thought provoking which has brought me to a more grounded conclusion. Nature and humans came before technology and we should be here long after technology. Let us prioritize our well being and our true purpose and remember that technology is just a tool. I like this quote by Billy Corgan, "There's nothing wrong with technology. It's when technology is the story and not the artist, that's the problem." I want to adapt this quote to my sentiments. Humans are the story and God is the writer and technology is just a chapter.


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