Can the wind tickle?

This is a chapter from my fourth book called When hunger yearns

Sometimes I think that the winds have hands
How to explain the laughter throughout the lands
So many happy faces on display
There is something to laugh about all day

The winds blew the socks off the clothes line
And the startled elephant landed on his behind
Do you hear how the trumpets laugh
At the clumsy short neck giraffe?

The winds ruffled the feathers off the dove
To the amusement of the clouds above
Do you see how the leaves dance?
You would think there was ants in their pants

The tube man would be nothing
If not for the laughs the winds bring
He must be the wind's biggest fan in town
Bigger than the big top circus and the clown

The old man lost the wig off his head
That was the best giggle since sliced bread
I can say without doubt that we would all be in a pickle
If God forbid the wind did not tickle


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