What is an equation for life?

This is a chapter from my fourth book called When hunger yearns

I was watching this youtube video today called "It's just a coincidence" and I went down a rabbit hole afterwards and made a few notes

The Srinivasa Ramanujan magic square was most fascinating. What is special about the number 139?

My research led me to this quote

"Coincidence Is God’s Way of Remaining Anonymous" - Albert Einstein

I noticed that the name Einstein has ein twice.

I learnt about the Einstein tile (nothing to do with Einstein. Just so happens that ein stein is German for "one stone" or "one shape")

So Einstein = one + st + one

Which led me to this quote

"We still do not know (one) thou(s)and(t)h of (one) percent of what nature has revealed to us" - Albert Einstein

st separates thou and h (see later thouGh-ts)

I could not find many quotes by Ramanujan but I found this commonly repeated one.

"An equation for me has no meaning, unless it expresses a thought of God."
Srinivasa Ramanujan

toG = thought of God
(t)h(o)u(G)ht = toG + huht

When I Googled huht I found an NGO in India called Help Us Help Them

Which lead me to this Einstein quote

"Man can find meaning in life, short and perilous as it is, only through devoting himself to society."

I present to you an equation for life

life = love × inspiration × focus × equilibrium

Love God, your fellow man and what you do
Be inspired by all that is good
Focus on what is important
Find balance in the holistic way

*Just realised in last quote that there is thou,G and h in "through" and s and t in "society" = thouGhts.


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