Why does the Earth hum?

This is a chapter from my fourth book called When hunger yearns

I found an article but before I started reading I devised my own answer. The answer can be found in us humans. Humans = hum + ans(swer). I will talk about the swer part later on. We humans create the hum of the earth. Do we want the hum of the earth to be one of painful sorrow or one of blissful contentment? We have a responsibility to take care of the Earth. Take care of the environment. Live in harmony with nature. To be mindful housekeepers for future generations. The article explains the hum scientifically and states that the hum of the earth is outside the hearing range of humans. The article explains that the hum is created by the ocean waves with the seafloor and Earth's crust. We may not be able to hear the hum of the Earth literally but we should be able to hear the hum of the Earth figuratively. Thich Nhat Hahn, the Vietnamese Buddhist monk and meditation master, when asked by some of his pupils, "Sir, what is the most important thing we can do for the healing of our world." He replied, "The most important thing we can do for the healing of our world is to hear, within ourselves, the sounds of the Earth crying."

As I am writing this chapter the rain has started falling. Seems like our dry seasons are becoming drier and drier. Whenever the rain appears he is celebrated and asked to stay longer. But will he stay when his mother Earth is not treated right? We can observe and feel the signs of global warming and our results of neglecting to take care of the Earth for too long. We are more concerned with profits and progress and comforts. I was curious what swer in answer (from the start of this chapter) could tell us. When I Googled the first results pointed to single-wire earth return. This is a low-cost electrical distribution system that provides electricity to remote areas from an electrical grid using a single-wire transmission line. Not directly related to answering the question but I figure that if we are truly grounded and wired with the love of God (Who is our eventual return) we would want to take care of the Earth and each other. We must open our hearts to nature. The Earth has ears (ear-th) and it hears. What does it hear? The hear-thbeats of each one of us. Our hearts combined create the heartbeat of the Earth. Imagine with 8 billion hearts beating together what can be achieved. I read that the sound of the earth can be heard on the moon.

I recently entered a photo contest. This was my entry in the Nurture Nature category as an amateur.

Title - Mother nature

Caption - My mother's flowering plant in our yard. Let us ignite that love for nature in all of us. This fiery bloom resembles the passion we should have for preserving the balance of nature. We cannot plan for the future if we do not plant for the future.


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