Being a Manchester City fan

I am not remembering the thing that made me become a Man City fan but I remember supporting the winning Inter Milan at the 2010 champions league final. I was in Tobago that day. The jersey came off. The shouting at the TV was real. It was the day before my birthday. The next day I was on the ferry to Trinidad and Monday was the general election.

Mario Balotelli was on that team. Then I remember becoming a Manchester City fan and Mario was there also. I followed Mario to the EPL. There are plenty support for EPL teams in Trinidad. I was accused of being a bandwagonist in the earlies but I have been a fan for 8 plus years now. Banter among fans is part of football although I am not participatory.

I am the type of fan that watches every game. I am not into the analysing and stats and strategy. I am mostly on it for the fun and support. I am there for the highs and lows. The last minute goals. The almost had it moments. The tears. The fist pumps. The fight until the end attitude. The smile at seeing someone wearing a Manchester City team jersey in Trinidad and Tobago.

In my lifetime I would like to see us win the Champions League. Pep is the right person to make this happen. Then I would like to see a trini playing for Manchester City one day. I have the Manchester City jersey with the previous crest with the golden eagle. I bought it at Francis Fashions. It may be fading and older now but my love for this team in my heart is stronger and stronger.


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