Anker Soundcore Spirit First Impressions

I was without headphones for a few weeks now. It feels strange to actually be using headphones once again. I set out to purchase a pair of wireless earbuds. I looked at the options from two shops and settled on the Anker Soundcore Spirit from Roc Boyz in Chaguanas. I mostly didn't want to spend too much money and was guided by this. There are some seriously expensive wireless earbuds if money is not a problem. I was content with the reviews and Anker is a brand I trust. They make sturdy and competitive budget devices.

One downside of using wireless earbuds is that I cannot use the ota radio app on my phone. The wired headphones are needed as an antenna. These days I am listening to Spotify and when I came home I quickly retired to my room with the AC on high and turned on some African music from Putomayo. Time to escape to a far off land and write this first impressions for my blog.

I had to use the large tip for my right ear as my right ear was slacker. The earbuds now fit comfortably in my ears.  Good amount of bass but I use the equaliser in my phone settings also. Budget price and you get what you pay for. I don't like that Roc Boyz only gave me 7 days warranty. I tested the device before I left the store to make sure it was working. Sturdy build. The earbuds come with a neat snap close travel pouch. 8 hours of playtime is great for me. I plan to use this while working out and doing work around the home. No problems connecting through bluetooth. It doesn't come with a charging brick but this I don't mind.

I am happy with my purchase and I will be putting it to the test when I move around my home free from wires. Sometimes I like to have DJ and dance sessions using my laptop and pulling tunes from youtube. Sometimes I watch whole UB40 concerts and pretend I am on stage. A nice way to get some much needed exercise for me.


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