It is not the camera, it is the photographer

Sometimes we see a great photograph and the first question we ask is, what camera did you use? We might think that to take great photographs we need a fancy camera. The latest and greatest. I want to say that this is not true. A good camera helps but the main thing and most of the times is the effort and skills of the photographer. Many good photogs spend plenty time and effort honing their skills. We practice often and practice better.

Filters, lenses, dslr and flash can help but nothing beats the effort of the photograher. The best camera is the one you have. Make the best of what you have. If all that you have is your smartphone camera then make the best of that. Mobile phones have really made photography accessible to the masses. Good photogs are knowledgeable about lighting, angle, framing, bokeh, composition, dynamic range, exposure, aperture, shutter speed, dept of field, rule of thirds and golden hour among other things.

I get much joy from photography. For me it about creating memories. Everybody has their style. Embrace your style. I don't like distractions in my photos. I like clean photos with details. I take lots of photos and choose the right ones to share. There are lots of tutorials online and many great photogs online to follow. A great way to practice your photography is to take part in a photo 365 project.

I like this quote that I found online by Neeraj Agnihotri, "A camera is just a medium to capture what you have in your vision, and vision is something that cannot be bought." You will not always get that perfect photo and that is ok. The creativity, art and design of photography can help with other areas of our lives, for example for me with my web design and web development work. The next time you see a great photo, congratulate the photographer and not the camera.


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