Lets do this again

I started my fitness journey again. Or better yet I should say that I am continuing where I left off. Our health is our wealth. How many times have we heard this? Today I did chores and walked 23 laps around my house. Otherwise I lived a sedentary lifestyle. My weight has been pretty consistent over the last year at around 203 lbs.

Everybody's fitness journey will be different and you should consult your doctor before starting your fitness journey. What do I want to get out of this? The body consists of mind, body and spirit and we have to take care of ourselves and these the best way we can.

My mental health is different and I take medication for it. Previously I wrote about living with mental illness. In retrospect maybe I should not say illness but mental health differently gifted. I do not know. I have not given it much thought. What would be better wording than illness or suffering?

I remember my many hours and plenty kilometers of walking. Walking is my favourite form of exercise. I see walking recommended many times online. See my previous blog post - My love for walking. If you are also on a fitness journey I salute you.


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