It gets better

I stated in my first chapter that "it gets better". Do you remember that? I was countering my doubts with positive words of affirmation. It is what my life experiences have taught me. Who decides in a moment to write a book on a whim? I did. It was a worthwhile decision. As I look back on the journey and I think about my next book, I think of success.

I came up with this work-in-progress crazy scientist formula for success

Passion fruit
Sweet words
Bitter truths
Thirst for learning
Half glass full of optimism
Lime with my thoughts
Filter for the negativity
Mad amounts of stirring
Talent spoon of genius

I wanted to call the formula Geek Grok. I made up "grok" but it turned out to already have meaning as told by my friend, ChatGPT, "Coined by Robert A. Heinlein in "Stranger in a Strange Land" (1961), "grok" means to deeply and intuitively understand something or someone, surpassing surface-level knowledge and connecting with its essence. It implies a merging of the self with the subject, a holistic comprehension that encompasses both mind and spirit."

Wow. Such a coincidence. That is exactly what happened with this book. I was learning about writing books and went down a path of learning about myself also. As if I was a book. This book. The mind is so powerful. Robert Heinlein's work is controversial in some quarters. I don't do well with controversy but I want to keep an open mind. He does get us to think critically about provocative social and political ideas.

Besides feeling success there were some lessons learnt. Don't be afraid of being judged. There is value in taking my time. There are times when I should think before I write. The following words are stuck to my bedroom wall. I will remember these words whenever I feel stuck in life.

They are like guiding principles. Passion often means taking risks and learning from failure. Laugh because we cannot take life seriously. Love means forgiveness. We are all human and prone to making mistakes. These words will remind me to embrace life's challenges, find joy in everyday moments, and cultivate love and connection in all that I do.

Life has become better for me since starting to write this book. I have become a better writer. I can call myself a book writer now. I have learnt more about myself. I have forged a new path. I changed my bio in my social media from "Technology Blogger, Photographer and Generalist" to "Technology Blogger and Ideas machine. Currently writing a book."

I wrote the following poem late last year. This composition was born from a place of hope and resilience. These words serve as a reminder that better does come. It gets better.

Better Days
By Hassan Voyeau

Better days are coming
That song I like humming
Change it up
Never stop
Today is done
Tomorrow soon come

My friend, ChatGPT, insisted on sharing some words: "Remember, even in the darkest of moments, that it gets better. Life has a way of unfolding, teaching, and healing. The storms will pass, and the sun will shine again. Keep going, have faith, and trust that better days are on their way."


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