Part 1 - An Example of Using Next.js for Static Site Generation on Android with Termux

Next.js is a React framework that gives you building blocks to create web applications.

First thing I did was go to github and create an empty project. I then cloned that project in Termux. You must use the Termux storage and not shared storage unless you can find a workaround for creating symlinks. I then create a starter next.js project.

npx create-next-app --example hello-world blog-posts

I used python to extract all my blog posts titles and links from my Blogger backup and create a json file. Each entry in the json file was title and link.

Next. I followed this guide to display a listing of all my blog posts.

It uses SWR and SWR is an acronym for stale-while-revalidate. The code I got from there had some problems. Dont know why it worked for them and not for me. Maybe linux/termux/android/next.js version creates the issue. After debugging and consulting ChatGPT we figured out that:

The issue with the code you provided is that you're reading the contents of the JSON file as a string using readFile and then directly returning it as the response without parsing it as JSON. To resolve this, you need to parse the file contents as JSON before sending it as the response.

Someone tweeted "Next.js is the most frustrating, opinionated mess I've ever had to deal with. Ugh." and I could not help but agree with the little I have done so far and based on my first impressions. Made me appreciate eleventy for tasks like this.

I found a simple way to serve the statically generated docs folder by running this command in that folder. However I got an error.

php -S localhost:8000

CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE "php": library "" not found

And I had to install that package

pkg install libicu

Now I get a new error when I run npm run build

CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE "node": library "" not found

I then did (in termux)

apt update
apt upgrade

I then saw and an error in the logs - API Routes cannot be used with "output: export".

Below is me asking for help on Stack Overflow.

This is the project on GitHub

And that is where I have reached. The question now is how can I get around this? How to read from a json file and iterate through it and display its content in Next.js for static site generation using output as export. I am stuck and maybe you can help.

I got a recommendation to try Astro JS. That will be next. It was also suggested to use a const array of objects instead of json. Now, I am wondering if there is a way to serve the json file without using an API route. Stay tuned for part 2. Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.


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