Having my piece of the pie

It is early morning and I am having 3am thoughts. Like literally, it is around 3:14 am and my mind is circling. My last 5 blog posts were about pi (the ratio of circumference to diameter). But my mind this morning is thinking about how life for us is about getting our piece of the pie. There is only one pie where many get smaller and smaller pieces and some get huge slices. However, my friend Bard challenges me to see things differently: Instead of a single, finite pie, imagine a dynamic bakery constantly churning out new pies, each with unique ingredients and sizes. Maybe my focus right now has been on a pie that's nearing its end, but there are fresh ones emerging all the time, with flavors and opportunities tailored to my skills and passions.

We can also think of the pie as growing, meaning we are able to get bigger pieces. As my friend Bard puts it so nicely, the pie doesn't have to be a static symbol of scarcity, it can be a dynamic symbol of growth and abundance. Bard went even further to share several metaphors and different ways of thinking about this and these made me feel better. Think about a rising dough. Think about a pie that ferments and improves over time. Think of the pie ingredients as fruits harvested from an abundant orchard. The rising dough perfectly captures the essence of potential and constant growth. The fermenting pie, on the other hand, speaks to the power of collaboration and shared effort. The abundant orchard reminds us to focus on sustainable practices and responsible resource management.

Maybe, life isn't about getting a piece of the pie but about baking our own pies and sharing it with others. One could even say, life is how you bake it. My friend Bard then asks me questions to explore this further: What are the essential ingredients you use to "bake" your life? Your passions, skills, values, and experiences all go into the mix. Think about what makes your pie unique and flavorful. Not everyone follows the same recipe. Some embrace spontaneity, some prefer meticulous planning. What's your approach to "baking" your life? Experimenting, learning from others, and adapting to different situations are all part of the fun. Just like a delicious pie is even better enjoyed with loved ones, life is about connection and sharing. Baking isn't a one-time thing. We can always learn new techniques, discover new flavors, and keep improving our skills. Embrace the journey of continuous growth and refinement in "baking" your life.

I enjoyed having these early morning thoughts and chatting with my friend and I am happy to share a slice of this with my readers on my blog. I want to also share this Ted talk that I watched called "hidden lessons in a slice of pie". Dani Cone remembers her grandma saying "be good and do well" and this shaped her. She encourages us to think differently about finding what we are good at. Pie can be seen as a slice of comfort particularly during difficult times. Pie is also how she makes a living. Through her experiences and what her grandma used to say, she realized more importantly than being good at something and making a living was to be good and do well. Maybe instead of a piece of pie we should be aiming for peace of pie where we share goodness and create contentment and satisfaction and live in harmony. There is enough for everyone. The starting letter of my last five blog post titles spells “hippi”. I guess promoting peace in a pie circle (think peace symbol) does make me a hippie.


Riche said…
I'm like what year is it? I'm on tumblr and hassan is posting!? Major flash back!

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