What is meezan?

I was scrolling through facebook and I came across the Islamic term "meezan" and it got me interested enough to want to learn more and even write a blog post. I slept on the idea and I woke up and remembered to do so. Wikipedia has it transliterated as mizan. The Arabic word meezan literally means balance. Meezan is the scale that will be used to weigh good and bad deeds on the day of judgment. Meezan is also used for the principle of the middle path, urging balance and avoiding extremes. Wikipedia also talks about "the overarching divine principle for organizing our universe". Those are three concepts and with the help of Bard I am going to explore them as best as we can. Feel free to correct us.

Unpacking the Scales of Justice

Imagine a colossal scale, suspended in the celestial realm, meticulously weighing every thought, word, and deed. This is Meezan, the divine scales of justice described in the Quran, symbolizing the absolute fairness awaiting us on the Day of Judgment. Every tiny act, good or bad, will be measured with unmatched precision, leaving no room for error or manipulation. Pondering this image, visualizing our deeds hovering on the delicate pans, can serve as a powerful reminder of the profound consequences of our choices, inspiring us to tread the path of righteousness with conscious awareness.

Navigating the Middle Path

Life is a constant dance between opposing forces, a tightrope walk between extremes. Meezan, in its essence, represents the golden middle path, urging us to embrace moderation and balance in all aspects of our being. From interpersonal relationships where we navigate between assertiveness and humility, to personal values where we seek harmony between faith and worldly pursuits, Meezan guides us towards a life of centeredness and harmony. By actively seeking the middle way, we avoid the pitfalls of excess and stagnation, cultivating a life of peace, well-being, and spiritual fulfillment.

Unveiling the Divine Order

Beyond the individual journey, Meezan reveals a grander vision – the universe itself governed by a cosmic principle of balance and harmony. This divine order, symbolized by the scales, ensures that even in the vastness of creation, perfect equilibrium reigns. Recognizing this underlying pattern instills a profound sense of awe and reverence for the divine handiwork. Moreover, it underscores our responsibility as custodians of this intricate balance, motivating us to act with kindness, compassion, and mindful stewardship towards all of creation.

I feel like I now have a starting and better understanding of meezan. I come away with the reminder that balance is the key and everything in moderation. I aim for a life that is in harmony with God's will. I seek the path of enlightenment and purpose. I learn from my missteps and ask for forgiveness. I guard my being as I pursue what is good. I am shaping my life according to what truly matters. The sun has come up and the morning light illuminates my room and I am left to ponder this quote that I found, "A grateful heart is a balanced heart".


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