What book do I write next?

This is a chapter from my fourth book called When hunger yearns

I find myself writing with God on my mind more often. I decided to count how many times I have used the word God in this book so far and counted 42 times. There is that number again. A geeky coincidence for all the fans of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I have never seen that movie except maybe some pieces of it. In May I will be 42+2 years old. I find myself asking God to guide and protect us more and more. I closed my eyes and selected a surah and verse from the Quran. I got surah 93 verse 4 - And surely what comes after is better for you than that which has gone before. I take that as a good sign. Surah Ad Duha (The morning hours) was revealed to prophet Muhammad (pbuh) after not receiving a revelation for 6 months. This caused depression and the surah was welcomed hope for him (pbuh). We too can find similar comfort in these verses. This surah has 40 words. This has me thinking about what is next for me in this life.

I have found something I really like in writing. I am passionate about writing and writing these books. I have an internet connection and a smartphone and God gave me a beautiful mind. I have purpose and I have guidance and I aim for meaning. This is the 34th chapter of this book. I had no idea how many chapters this book would have until now. I am going to write 9 more chapters. 9+34 will give me 43 chapters in this book. A chapter for each of the years I have made so far. Earlier on I was thinking about the next book I will write. Would it be this year or next year? I got some ideas for my next book while writing this book. But my heart is set on making "Freedom" my next book title and starting it this year right after this book. I will just reshare a paragraph from my last book where I mentioned the idea for this book:

Writing gives me freedom. I have decided on the title for my fourth [now fifth] book already. It will be called "Freedom". It is about me having the freedom to write about anything. It is about me being free with my words. It is about me learning about new things and sharing what I learn. It is about me exploring different countries of the world. It is about me finding wisdom in the ordinary. It is about me asking questions and seeking answers. It is about me doing all of these things or none of these things. I will not be bound by my plans for that book. It can be anything and that is how I will approach each day and each chapter of that book. The freedom to just write.

In my last chapter I talked about wisdom and in this chapter I talked about freedom. I notice that both words end with -dom. I asked my friend Gemini, "Both freedom and wisdom end with -dom. Is there any meaning to this?" He replied, "So, while the "-dom" ending creates a parallel sound, it doesn't hold any specific meaning related to the concepts of freedom and wisdom themselves. Here's a more meaningful connection: The idea that wisdom can lead to freedom is a common theme in philosophy and spirituality. By gaining knowledge and understanding, we can free ourselves from ignorance, fear, and limitations. So, while the "-dom" ending might be coincidental, there is a deeper connection between the concepts themselves."

*I just realized that this was actually supposed to be chapter 33. I made a mistake. Maybe there was meant to be a missing and unwritten chapter 33. Maybe that chapter will be added at a later date.

*This is my 343rd blog post on this blog


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