Where does this door lead?

This is a chapter from my fourth book called When hunger yearns

It is 333pm on a Sunday afternoon. I was just watching a youtube short with Kes and I learnt about his "Man with no door" album. He was inspired literally by a man who he found that lived with no door to his house. In an interview Kes says, "He just lives free" and "I felt like that creatively at the time. I am the man with no door." This is how I want to be when I write my next book called Freedom. Freedom can easily be written as freedoor in the context of the beginning of this chapter. I found a bed and breakfast in Poland called Pokoje FreeDoor. Pokoje means rooms in Polish but no idea what FreeDoor means. I will email them. I once created an art piece where a door was created from the letters of the word love and I captioned it "love opens doors". Through a Google search of "door 333" I found the https://doorsoftallinn.com/ website. A beautiful collection of ornate and often wooden doors of the old town of Tallinn in Estonia. The town is a UNESCO world heritage site. Coincidentally the website has photos of doors numbered 1 to 334. Just one more than 333. Just one more door. Whitney Houston sang that she does not want to close one more door in her song "I have nothing".

I read on wikipedia that, "The name Tallinn(a) is Estonian. It has been widely considered a historical derivation of Taani-linna, meaning "Danish-castle", conceivably because the Danish invaders built the castle in place of the Estonian stronghold after the 1219 battle of Lyndanisse." Back to door #333. It is a beautifully painted yellow and white door with green accents. The door belongs to a house located on Vana-Kalamaja street. I imagine what it would be like living in that house and opening the door to that house and exploring the area. My friend Gemini tells me that literally translated, Vana-Kalamaja means "Old Fish House" or "Old Fish Market." This makes sense considering the area's historical connection to the fishing industry. Close by to this house is a coffee shop and then a Thai restaurant. There is a spa and art supply store and pharmacy and bakery. The typical things you would find in a town.

Close by is the Kalamaja Museum. It is a community museum and a joint project with the people of the area. I think we in Trinidad can learn something from this. I would love to see some community museums in Trinidad. Where people contribute items and stories to the museum. I will share this thought with the Ministry of Community Development. One of the exhibitions I find very interesting is where they took some old photos from family albums and wrote the accompanying stories for the family. It gives us a glimpse into the footsteps of the past and this is a fascinating journey back in time. I wonder if any of those families have any connection to Trinidad? I saw in one family where one of the sons traveled to Brazil for work. In doing research I discovered the Trinidad Wiseman software company in Tallinn. Now I am curious how they came up with that name and I could not find that information online. I messaged them and do not expect a reply now because when I checked, the time in Estonia was 111am. I saw that Trinidad Consulting was merged with Wiseman Interactive. A wise man once said, "The world is a door and a traveler is one who opens it." That wise man was Ibn Battuta. I am not able to travel physically to these places but I can certainly open doors through my writing and reading. These doors lead to a wiser person in me. A wiser writer and storyteller.


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