What makes numbers beautiful?

This is a chapter from my fourth book called When hunger yearns

It is after 2am in the morning. I decided I wanted to be taken on a random journey somewhere. I decided to count the characters in my last chapter - What makes us beautiful? I got 3769 characters. This turned out to be a prime number. The number 2 numbers before is also prime and so we have twin primes.

Just yesterday I watched this video - Why is this number everywhere?

This is an example of how I find numbers to be beautiful. Pythagoras said, "all is number," and that tells us that everything in the universe depends on numbers. I feel like the number 3769 could take me to a random and beautiful place. I just do not know yet. A few days ago I learnt that the recent Abel prize in Maths winner was Michel Talagrand, a French mathematician. He won the 2024 prize for his work on probability theory and randomness.

Googled "3769 beautiful" and found "Edison matrix 3769. Beautiful Isle of Somewhere / Edison Mixed Quartet ; Frederick J. Wheeler ; John Young".

3769 here is the matrix number used in phonography. It is what is imprinted on that vinyl recording. The link takes me to a recording of "Beautiful Isle of Somewhere". What I learnt from wikipedia was that the song originated from a poem and became popular at funerals. The song is telling us that heaven is beautiful (comparing it to life on an island) and God is alive and heaven is where we will live anew. The Edison Mixed Quartet is a group that performs sacred vocal quartets with orchestra accompaniment.

When I Google "3769 heaven" one of the results is a post by poem heaven on twitter which shows up in Google as having 3769 reposts.

"It is time for people with good hearts to finally win"

And now back to a piece of the song and wow at how they are related.

Somewhere the day is longer,
Somewhere the task is done;
Somewhere the heart is stronger,
Somewhere the prize is won.

I like the numbers 19 and 23. I have been finding these in my writing. Phrases with 19 letters and 4 spaces (quartet) (23 in total) and occurring on page 42 of my books (19+23). 19 by 23 equals 437. 437 can be arranged to give 347. 347 is the 69th prime number. Makes me wonder if things are really random or not? Things like these make me appreciate the beauty of numbers and the beauty of "randomness". Makes me wonder if there is a mathematical code of the universe. According to wikipedia, "In physics and cosmology, the mathematical universe hypothesis (MUH), also known as the ultimate ensemble theory, is a speculative "theory of everything" (TOE) proposed by cosmologist Max Tegmark." It is controversial but is worth my time looking into further. I do not know but I find numbers to be beautiful to me.

*My last book has 37 chapters and in the 37th chapter I talk about my 37 peaces art piece which was also talked about in my first book

*There is us in n(u)mber(s)


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