What is the life of meaning?

If I was teaching a class I would ask for essays on that topic. We often hear of the question "what is the meaning of life?" but it occurred to me "what is the life of meaning?" This will be what was the missing chapter from my book When Hunger Yearns.

I am leaving it in raw notes form.

A life of meaning makes sense but the life of meaning says something else.

How long does that meaning last?

When does meaning begin and end?

The word itself begins with m and ends with g

I am inclined to say g stands for God.

Could it be that meaning begins with man and ends with God?

Lets take another approach

Meaning = Man + enig[ma]

We often hear life is a mystery

Meaning = [I]maginen

How is imagination related to life?

It then occurs to me that the letters [l] and [ma] were added to the equations above. If I had another equation where [sl] was added then that would spell Islam. And Islam is a way of life.

Meaning = Ange[ls] + min

But what about min? There is mu'min which is Arabic for believer. Min - This root comes from the verb "amana" which means "to believe". Wikipedia tells me that Al-Mu'minun is the 23rd chapter of the Quran. And well 23 is my favorite number so I am happy to see that. That is as much as I am willing to exhaust my mind today.


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